SlipFinder App Allows Same Day Slip Booking


WHAT: SlipFinder is a mobile application that allows marinas to list their vacant transient slips. Boaters can purchase these transient slips in real-time.

WHY: One of the biggest headaches experienced by boaters is the arduous process of reserving a marina slip, particularly on short notice. Boaters like to spend the day on the water and cruise to different ports. And boaters experience the frustration of being unable to find a transient slip for their boat. The SlipFinder app allows boaters to book a slip at a participating marina from their smartphone or tablet, in real time.


HOW: SlipFinder helps marinas manage their available slips through its program so that the dockmaster doesn’t have to constantly answer the phone or radio and conduct a nautical version of musical chairs. For boaters, it means being able to scroll through the app in search of the best available slip within their cruising range.

This short video shows SlipFinder in action…..

WHERE: The app is free to download at



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