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The Math Trip app is the very first gamification of algebra through calculus – a revolutionary, step-by-step and individualized journey from Algebra City to Calculus Island – invented by a HS math teacher who developed this curriculum for his classroom for over 15 years. There are six destinations total, and each one teaches a vital subject on the way to calculus. This curriculum was used in an actual public HS classroom for over 10 years with incredible success: Every student gets their own answer so copying is impossible; Students were consistently engaged in working on the curriculum. Math Trip is perfect for the classroom, but can also be done at home on a mobile device. Soon, anyone will be able to go on their own individualized Math Trip and finally understand the story of math.


There is a strong need for engaging, exciting, fun curriculum for algebra through calculus. Students are consistently frustrated with math and struggle to pass a class or exam. There are already fun games for young children to learn math, but none for older students – from algebra through calculus. Math Trip will make this higher math accessible to everyone – via their mobile devices anytime anyplace – in a game setting. Plus, there is a major need for content on mobile devices in high schools and districts. Classrooms have plenty of hardware/tablets, they just need the software, especially algebra through calculus. The world needs Math Trip.


  • Students ages 14-20 who need to pass a standardized exam or get ahead in math class.
  • Teachers of algebra through calculus who want the most engaging curriculum possible.
  • Schools and Districts who want formative data on their students and better test scores.
  • Parents who want to help their children in math, but need a refresher.
  • Workers who want to go back to school and are required to take a calculus class.
  • People who are interested in finally understand math or learning the language of the cosmos.


Consumers will initially find Math Trip on the Apple Store – eventually on all mobile app stores – and available for education pricing in schools. The app will be free to download – users will start their trip for free. Users will then pay to advance their journey. We will enthusiastically meet with schools and districts, then with individual teachers who could best utilize Math Trip in their classrooms.

For marketing purposes, we have produced a commercial music video, collected a following on Facebook, and we have an original song/jingle. We plan on using social network advertising initially, placing ads that target those most in need of Math Trip. We also plan on advertising directly to teachers, principals and superintendents of schools.

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