MarryMapp Helps Couples Stay On-Track, On-Time and On-Budget


WHAT: MarryMapp is the first and only budget planner designed uniquely for weddings. We offer brides and grooms a simple, intuitive way to organize their budget and expenses. Our mission is to help couples stay on-budget by providing them with personalized spending advice, mobile alerts, spend tracking and social sharing.

WHY: Last year, more than half of all the weddings in the United States went overbudget and most couples find that managing their budget is the most stressful part of their wedding planning experience. MarryMapp couples find support, advice and flexibility with our product.

HOW: We use a machinelearning engine to generate personalized recommendations for how to spend and save effectively. We keep users accountable for their spending through trend tracking and social sharing. Our mobile product gives our users access to payment reminders, budget spending alerts, and receipt uploads, ensuring there are no surprises when it comes to their budget.

WHO: MarryMapp’s technical founding team is led by their CEO, Kristie D’AmbrosioCorrell. Kristie is an MIT alumnus specializing in large distributed systems and Artificial Intelligence. Tim, MarryMapp’s CTO, specializes in the design and development of userfriendly products.



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